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If you'll just fill in the information below, we'll gin up some nice letters you can send off to the FBI to get the records you're looking for ...

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Most requests end up not costing anything because the FBI will give you the first hundred pages of any file for free. However, pages beyond 100 are charged at ten cents per page, and the FBI requires you to state up front that you will pay these copying charges or they won't process your request. The good news is that you can put a cap on the maximum amount you're willing to pay. We suggest $30 as a good amount. Please note that you do not need to send any money at this time. What is the maximum amount you're willing to pay for this request? See FAQ: Fees for more information.

(Concerned about your privacy? We are too -- so see "FAQ: Why are we asking these questions?".)

Tell us about the deceased person who is the subject of your request

What form of "proof of death" will you include with your request to prove to the FBI that the person whose records you're requesting is actually dead? (For more information, see "FAQ: Proof of death").

Is there any other information you can provide to help the FBI find records on this person? If so, please write a complete sentence or two here, like "John Doe was born in Ireland and immigrated to America in 1935. He was arrested by the FBI in 1950 in Chicago for participating in Communist rallies." If you can't think of anything to add, just leave this field blank.

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